Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FRA: Baseler Eck

Baseler Platz 7
60329 Gutleutviertel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
069 252439

Finally, I had a layover with a crowd that wanted to visit the Baseler Eck. I've heard a lot about this restaurant, and was anxious to get my Jaegerschnitzel currency updated!

To get to the Baseler Eck from the Marriot, just take the #16 S-Bahn (or any Bahn that'll get you to Baseler Platz, here's a map) and then follow the map below. Don't forget that you can do a GruppenKarte for gaggles of up to 5. If it's nice out, its not a bad walk if you want a little exercise.

Schweinshaxe is apparently the fave at the restaurant. I'd had that dish a few weeks ago, and I wanted Jaegerschnitzel, so there you go. One guy ordered the bratwurst, but I always get bratwursts at the airport, so that didn't interest me.

Everyone loved their dishes! I scarfed down my Jaegerschnitzel, with a coupla Erdinger Weissbieren. Totally way cool!

So, meander your way over to the Eck. You won't be disappointed. It's been a fave of airline crews for quite some time. Clearly evident with the number of Aviation stickers on the walls. Bring yours and get it posted! Enjoy!

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mandevillemama said...

i have a mainz layover 6/4.
is this trip to my fav ‘gas station’ ( baseler eck) doable?